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Belmark Art

Welcome to Belmark Art -celebrating the beauty of the male form through figurative painting.

Exploring the beauty of men

Growing up gay

Growing up gay at a time when the nicest word for being gay was "queer."   Consequently my interest in painting male figures was unpopular.  It was not possible to show my work at that time.  Despite nudes in classical art no one would consider hanging my work.

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Belmark Art -focusing on male figurative fine art

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Artist Bio and Vision

Mark paints portraits and figurative subjects in a hyper-real and impressionistic style. Painting from nature, subjects are often placed in naturalistic settings. He also paints street and landscapes.  He began promoting his work in 2017 completing a website ‪‬ and has submitted work to international contests. He was awarded a special merit award  at an on-line international contest at Light Space and Time Gallery for  a figurative painting (‪‬). In June he