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Mark Toffoli’s work explores the beauty of the male form  and the spirituality that goes with it. As a gay man, his focus is naturally attracted to the male form.  So much male art has been destroyed by homophobia, hatred and religious intolerance.  Mark’s work is important because of that loss and because his work celebrates the incredible diversity in size, shape, colour, culture and self-expression that makes us each unique while remaining part of the same family. His paintings honour the beauty of maleness, whether feeling vulnerable, in love, strutting his stuff, pumping iron or pursuing a moment of silence. 

Partly self taught (books and on line courses), Mark took many painting and sketching courses after school and on weekends when younger. While completing my nursing Honours degree I also took 3rd year sculpture at York University after submitting a body of work (paintings) to be allowed to take the course.  I've had work in juried shows and sold portraits by commission. This year I won a special merit award from Space, Light and Time on-line gallery. I have just begun seriously marketing my work this year.

Exploring the beauty of men


Growing up gay

Growing up gay at a time when the nicest word for being gay was "queer."   Consequently my interest in painting male figures was unpopular.  It was not possible to show my work at that time.  Despite nudes in classical art no one would consider hanging my work.


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